KBr Barcelona Photo Center

Kbr is not just an exhibition venue. Our aim is also to offer a permanent educational program focused more on training future generations in the understanding of photographic language and its artistic dimension, than explaining a specific exhibition.

In addition, we will schedule gatherings and conferences with photographers, curators and experts in the field of photography who will share their experiences and knowledge.

We open the doors of KBr to you, your family, and all those interested in delving into the world of photography, in learning how to to look and feel. Take part in our activities.

The Captive Gaze: an interactive experience

The Captive Gaze: an interactive experience

We invite you to enter our virtual daguerreotype workshop and learn all about the process of making a daguerreotype. You can also discover all the details of these little works of art in our 3D images.

Photography and exhibitions: cross-cutting knowledge

Photography and exhibitions: cross-cutting knowledge

2 March – 27 April

Directed by Marta Dahó, this online cycle explores the different aspects of the complex and changing relationship between photography and exhibitions thereof over the years. The eight sessions complete a fascinating cross-cutting focus that embraces historiographic, theoretical and curatorial perspectives.

Participamos en el Panoramic festival

(public, private, secret)

4th-7th November 2020

Under the direction of Joan Fontcuberta, and as part of the program of the last edition of the PANORAMIC Festival, this cycle explored, through different disciplines, one of the great signs of identity of our time: the externalization of intimacy. The sessions were broadcast in streaming and you can see them again here.
Participamos en el Loop Festival


10th-22nd November 2020

Join the video-art events organized on the occasion of the Loop Festival throughout the city of Barcelona in the form of exhibitions, screenings, conferences and round tables.
Filmoteca de Catalunya ofrece una sesión especial en torno a los trabajos de Paul Strand

Paul Strand in La Filmoteca

22th-26th December 2020

The Filmoteca de Catalunya is scheduling a special session to showcase some of the American photographer’s film work.