KBr Barcelona Photo Center

KBr is not just an exhibition venue. Our aim is also to offer a permanent educational program focused more on training future generations in the understanding of photographic language and its artistic dimension, than explaining a specific exhibition.

In addition, we will schedule gatherings and conferences with photographers, curators and experts in the field of photography who will share their experiences and knowledge.

We open the doors of KBr to you, your family, and all those interested in delving into the world of photography, in learning how to to look and feel. Take part in our activities.

Paz Errázuriz in conversation with Laura Terré

KBr Guests

June 6, 2024

On the occasion of the presentation of the retrospective show that KBr is dedicating to Chilean photographer Paz Errázuriz, the artist herself will be in conversation with Laura Terré, to talk about her career and her work.
Louis Stettner. Sally Martin Katz and Janet Stettner in conversation

KBr Guests

June 5, 2024

Louis Stettner’s curator Sally Martin Katz will talk with Janet Stettner, the photographer’s widow, about Stettner’s figure and the important contributions of his work.

The Domestic Camera. Stories of Amateur Photography

Conference Cycle

March 5 – 19, 2024

Coinciding with the exhibition The domestic camera. Amateur photography in Catalonia (c. 1880-1936), we present this series of seven talks about amateur photography, a phenomenon that emerged in the late nineteenth century and that is fundamental to understanding the role that photography plays in contemporary culture.

Drew Sawyer in conversation with Jorge Ribalta

KBr Guests

February 14, 2024

In the occasion of the presentation of the exhibition Consulo Kanaga. Catch the Spirit, KBr Guests presents a conversation between Drew Sawyer, curator of the exhibition, and artist and independent curator Jorge Ribalta.

Simplemente cortando, Laia Camps


December 16th, 2023

Dancer Laia Camps presents a performance linked to the photographic project Simplemente cortando, by Ivette Blaya, which can currently be seen as part of the exhibition KBr Flama’23, which brings us the work of new generations of photographers who begin their professional careers, every year.

Activities - Rethinking the Face

Conference Cycle

November 2nd – 4th 2023

As part of the Panoràmic festival’s regular collaboration with KBr Fundación MAPFRE, the three sessions of this cycle, under the direction of Joan Fontcuberta, propose a suggestive approach to one of the central themes in the history of images: the face. In this lecture series three women address the theory of the face head on, as well as its representations, its readings and other related matters.
Film-concert with the Catherine Vincent duo. The Tiger's coat.


June 16th, 2023

Film-concert session with the Catherine Vincent duo, who play live music to The Tiger’s Coat, a 1920 silent film starring Tina Modotti.
Tina Modotti,<br />
by Isabel Tejeda

KBr Guests

June 13th, 2023

Isabel Tejeda, curator of the Tina Modotti exhibition (June 8 – September 3), reviews the figure of one of the most representative and interesting characters of the nineteen twenties and thirties, due to her work and her committed biographical career path.

Invitad@s KBr. Jules Ainaud, "A photographer who admired beauty", Jep Martí Baiget.

KBr Guests

June 7th, 2023

Coinciding with the presentation of the exhibition Jules Ainaud’s Catalonia (1871-1872) and International Archives Week, Jep Martí Baiget (curator of the exhibition) recounts his experience of researching the figure of Ainaud in different archives, and explains the key points of the exhibition he is presenting at the KBr.

Cristina De Middel. Life and Miracles.

Coinciding with the workshop that photographer Cristina De Middel will be giving at the KBr (April 13 to 16), we present this opening talk, in which the photographer -recognized with the National Photography Award in 2017- will review her trajectory from her dedication to photojournalism for a decade to her current photographic practice, which combines documentary and conceptual character at the same time.

Prepared for the edge of the abyss.<br />
Català-Roca open to thought.<br />

Conference Cycle

February 28 – March 2, 2023

The three talks in this cycle belong to the program of activities organized for the Francesc Català-Roca Year, which commemorates the centenary of the photographer’s birth.

Directed by Laura Terré, the series invites three voices from different backgrounds to address Català-Roca’s legacy from a personal and creative point of view, contributing new readings of his work, understood by Terré as an open to interpretation.

Ilse Bing, by Juan Vicente Aliaga

KBr Guests

February 21, 2023

Juan Vicente Aliaga, curator of the exhibition Ilse Bing (February 16–May 14) presents the work of this German photographer, creator of a unique oeuvre spanning the central decades of the 20th century through which she achieved professional recognition exceptional for women in the field of photography.

Anastasia Samoylova in conversation with Victoria del Val

KBr Guests

February 15, 2023

Anastasia Samoylova discusses Image Cities, the winning project of the inaugural KBr Photo Award. Launched in 2021, the award demonstrates KBr Fundación MAPFRE’s dedication to supporting new projects in contemporary photography.

Conference cycle: Photography and Archive

Conference Cycle

October 11th 2022 – December 13th 2022

Directed by Joan Boadas, this cycle will discuss the relationship that is established between the act of photography and the conservation of the images that have been produced: the creation of image archives.

The program’s eight conferences propose a journey ranging from the birth of the archive to its possible death, highlighting its relationship with memory and with literary and artistic creation, among other matters.

Variations on the Fourth Landscape

Conference Cycle

November 2nd – 5th 2022

This cycle of conferences stems from the mutual collaboration between Panoràmic Festival and KBr Fundación MAPFRE. Under the direction of Joan Fontcuberta, five guests will address the notion of landscape as a representation and how it is influenced by history, culture, politics, and aesthetics.

Pushing the limits of photography for five decades.

Opening talk of the first Get Real! (Open your eyes!)’s workshop, conducted by photojournalist Donna Ferrato this fall term in KBr (October 20-23).

Donna Ferrato reviews the different projects from her acclaimed career and the concepts and criteria that have guided her professional life. 

Carrie Mae Weems conversa amb Elvira Dyangani Ose

KBr Guests

October 5th 2022

KBr Guests will host Carrie Mae Weems. On the occasion of the opening of A Great Turn in the Possible (KBr and Fundación Foto Colectania), this discussion between the North American artist and Elvira Dyangani Ose, curator of the exhibition, will cover the main facets of the show as well as several aspects of the artist’s entire body of work.

KBr Guests. Bleda and Rosa in conversation with Marta Dahó

KBr Guests

7th June 2022

KBr Guests proposes a meeting where the artists and the curator talk about the exhibition in which they are the protagonists, Bleda y Rosa, one of this season’s exhibition proposals.

KBr Guests. A Conversation with Joan Fontcuberta, Miguel Ángel Tornero, and Alexandra Laudo

KBr Guests

25th May 2022

On this occasion, the KBr Guests section proposes a conversation to bring us closer to the exhibition Resonances. Fundación MAPFRE Collections, curated by Joan Fontcuberta.

Restitutions Photography in Debt with its Past

Conference Cycle

March 8th 2022 – May 17th 2022

This cycle, directed by Carles Guerra, will address a main issue facing photography in terms of its relationship with its own tradition, through ten case studies. Each one investigates how to respond to claims made by those who identify as victims because of the unauthorized taking and use of their photographic image.

Restitutions at the Filmoteca

Restitutions at the Filmoteca

April 6,20 and 27, 2022

Filmoteca de Catalunya presents a special program dedicated to show some works related to three of the conferences of the cycle Restitutions. Photography in Debt with its Past: those pronounced by Hilde Van Gelder, Ana Longoni and Michaëla Danjé / Cases Rebelles Collective.

Jazz at the KBr

Jazz at the KBr

February 26th 2022 – May 7th 2022

On the occasion of the Lee Friedlander’s exhibition, and in collaboration with the Conservatori del Liceu and the Voll-Damm Barcelona Jazz Festival, KBr presents a program of 6 jazz concerts that will take place on different Saturdays in the exhibition space.

Dialogues and Lectures on Exhibitions

KBr Guests

February 22nd 2022

Within the KBr Guests series, which features programming dedicated to current exhibitions, this session will delve into Adolf Mas. The Eyes of Barcelona under the guidance of Carmen Perrotta, the exhibition’s curator.

Photography Speaks of Revolutions

Conference Cycle

October 5th 2021 – January 11th 2022

Under the direction of Laura Terré this cycle of talks and round table discussions will focus on the relationship between photography and the revolutionary phenomenon. Through a program that begins with the Paris Commune and ends with the Arab Spring, we will discover the pivotal role played by photography in various revolutions.
Photography and Chance

Conference Cycle

November 2nd – 5th 2021

This cycle stems from the collaboration between the PANORAMIC Festival and KBr Fundación MAPFRE. Under the guidance of Joan Fontcuberta, four guests will tackle the debate between chance and prediction in artistic creation.
KBr Guests. Dialogues and conferences about the exhibitions

Among the conversations and lectures scheduled in conjunction with the center’s exhibitions, to which this section is dedicated, we present a three-way conversation, including the photographer himself, which will allow us to gain crucial insights into his body of work. The conversation will focus on a selection of photographs on view in Field of Images.

KBr Guests. Dialogues and conferences about the exhibitions

KBr Guests provides a new way of approaching the activities at KBr: The program includes discussions and conferences in which the protagonists of the exhibitions (photographers and curators), as well as experts within the national and international photographic scene (critics, writers etc.) share their impressions on the current exhibitions at KBr.

Participamos en el Panoramic festival
Under the direction of Joan Fontcuberta, and as part of the program of the last edition of the PANORAMIC Festival, this cycle explored, through different disciplines, one of the great signs of identity of our time: the externalization of intimacy. The sessions were broadcast in streaming and you can see them again here.
Photography and exhibitions: cross-cutting knowledge

Directed by Marta Dahó, this online cycle explores the different aspects of the complex and changing relationship between photography and exhibitions thereof over the years. The eight sessions complete a fascinating cross-cutting focus that embraces historiographic, theoretical and curatorial perspectives.

Participamos en el Loop Festival


10th-22nd November 2020

Join the video-art events organized on the occasion of the Loop Festival throughout the city of Barcelona in the form of exhibitions, screenings, conferences and round tables.
Filmoteca de Catalunya ofrece una sesión especial en torno a los trabajos de Paul Strand

Paul Strand in La Filmoteca

22th-26th December 2020

The Filmoteca de Catalunya is scheduling a special session to showcase some of the American photographer’s film work.
The Captive Gaze: an interactive experience

We invite you to enter our virtual daguerreotype workshop and learn all about the process of making a daguerreotype. You can also discover all the details of these little works of art in our 3D images.