The Domestic Camera

Stories of Amateur Photography

KBr Barcelona Photo Center

Exhibition view of The domestic camera. Amateur photography in Catalonia (c. 1880-1936), KBr Fundación MAPFRE, 2024. © David Campos

Under the direction of Núria F. Rius, curator of The domestic camera. Amateur photography in Catalonia (c. 1880-1936), on view until May 12 at KBr Fundación MAPFRE, this series brings together renowned historians and specialists to discuss one of the most interesting aspects of the history of photography: the emergence and spread of amateur photography.  

This process, which emerged at the end of the 19th century and has not ceased to gain importance until today, allows us to observe and analyze the social and cultural contexts of photographic practice, the way in which photography is introduced into the private sphere and many other aspects that help us understand the role that photography plays in our culture.

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5, 6, 7, 12, 13, 14 and 19
March 2024


7 pm


In-person and online



María Rosón
A love story within a story:
personal photography up to
developmentalism (1940-1960)

7 pm, in-person and online
Beatriz Pichel
Amateur photography,
emotions and war experiences

7 pm, in-person and online
Mónica Alonso
Inhabiting the present. Domestic
photography, affection and the poetics
of resistance in the postwar period

7 pm, in-person and online
Pedro Vicente
Domestic narratives. The family album
and its uses, reuses and recycling in
contemporary artistic practices

7 pm, in-person and online
Elizabeth Edwards
Amateur Photographers: civic society,
social exchange and common goods
in Britain 1880-1920

7 pm, in-person and online
Christian Joschke
Vernacular, Domestic and Amateur
Photography. Reframing 19th and
20th Century Image Practices

7 pm, in-person and online
Geoffrey Batchen
Amateur Photography:
A Love Story

7 pm, in-person and online