KBr Guests

Dialogues and conferences about the exhibitions.

KBr Barcelona Photo Center
Each of the four conferences presented within this first installment of KBr Guests will focus on one of the exhibitions programmed for the first half of this year. Thyago Nogueira, curator of Claudia Andujar, and Joan Boadas and David Iglésias, curators of The Captive Gaze, will discuss their shows respectively; Drew Sawyer, curator of the extensive anthology on Garry Winogrand that will open in June, will host a discussion with young photographers. Finally, Nicholas Nixon, whose exhibition The Brown Sisters will also be part of the summer program, will maintain a discussion with Laura Terré.

Granting a voice to a series of personalities linked directly to Claudia Andujar, The Captive Gaze, Garry Winogrand and The Brown Sisters will provide a deeper understanding of the authors, their work, their biographies and will allow viewers to understand certain approaches taken in the production of the exhibitions and the dialogues these shows generate among contemporary creators and trends.

The sessions will be held exclusively online on May 4th and 11th and on June 8th and 15th.


May 4th and 11th
June 8th and 15th


7 p.m.