Photography and Chance

KBr Barcelona Photo Center
Panoràmic. Festival de Cinema Fotografia i Mes

Luck, accident, coincidence, uncertainty, randomness and chance accompany us in our personal and collective histories in a way that is difficult to understand through rational explanations or causality. Artistic creation has not remained impervious to this debate and throughout the contemporary era several authors have produced their work under the prism of a dialectic between the will to control and the force of chance.

If photography was born with a mandate of objectivity and mimesis versus reality, chance made it subjective and relaxed the initial rigidity of its practice by manifesting the impossibility of completely foreseeing its results and acknowledging the appearance of images that had not been anticipated by the imagination.

The cycle will be held live at the KBr Fundación MAPFRE auditorium, except for one conference that will be hosted online. Conferences held live at the auditorium will also be streamed online.

Under the direction of artist, professor, writer and photography critic Joan Fontcuberta, the cycle entitled “Photography and Chance” will include the participation of Héloïse Conésa, Mónica Bello, Joachim Schmid and Clément Chéroux.

New registrations will be attended up to 3 hours before the start of each session.

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From 2nd to 5th of November


7 p.m.


In person and online



Héloïse Conésa
The Rolling of the Dice and the Vengeance of Matter
7 p.m. in person and online

Mónica Bello
Poetics of Knowledge, Art and Science in Search of Meaning
7 p.m. in person and online

Joachim Schmid
Give Chance a Chance
7 p.m. in person and online

Clément Chéroux
Photography & Serendipity
7 p.m. online