Paul Strand

Paul Strand Young Boy, Gondeville, Charente, France [Muchacho, Gondeville, Charente, Francia], 1916. FRANCE © Aperture Foundation, Inc., Paul Strand Archive © COLECCIONES Fundación MAPFRE

Paul Strand

From October 9th through January 24th

The foundations of modern photography

Very close in his beginnings to photographers like A. Stieglitz or L. Hine, Paul Strand soon absorbed the characteristics of the social and documentary photography of the early 20th century to start a unique trajectory from which some of the foundations of the modern photography are based. If we had to summarize the history of photography in 10 images, Blind woman (1916) would undoubtedly be one of them because of the way in which the conception of the photographic portrait changed.

A work that escaped from its time

His knowledge of contemporary art from his relationship with artists and theorists, his intuition and his  capacity for synthesis led him to create works that escaped his time. He was one of the fathers of Straight Photography and avant-garde cinema. And although formal aspects and the revelation of beauty always had a special place in his work, he never ceased to place them at the service of a committed vision that explored and left open many of the paths of artistic documentary film making.

Between 2011 and 2015, we acquired a set of 131 images by the artist, which became part of our photography collection, forming the most extensive collection of the New Yorker in Europe.

This exhibition includes a selection of 110 of those works of art and is the first exhibition of the Fundación MAPFRE collections to be unveiled in Barcelona.

The journey around Paul Strand’s work is divided into four sections, geometries, landscapes, portraits and countries, which stem from the artist’s way of working and his way of understanding the world. The exhibition was curated by Juan Naranjo.


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I mainly see myself as an explorer who has spent his life on a long journey of discovery

Paul Strand